Watch Straps

These are the genuine Mondaine watch straps, or bands as they are know in the US.  They come complete with the spring loaded pins (springbars) that hold the strap to the watch.  Fixing is easy, but fiddly, so some patience may be required!  See the link below.  Most straps are a standard length, the length of the original strap fitted to the watch when new, but an extra large size is available in some cases.

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Finding the correct strap on our site depends on:

  • Stitching – does the strap have it or is it plain? The most popular Mondaine watches are plain, without stitching.  If it has stitching, it is either white or black.
  • Colour – black, red or white.  Not all sizes come in all colours.
  • Size – ie the width of the strap.  On the rear of the strap, usually on the end of the “tongue” side that goes into the buckle, is a number.  Because of wear, you may need to angle a light, or sunlight,  on it to make it clearer.  This number (12,16,or 18 for example) is the width size in mm.
    Alternatively, or if the number is not visible, the width of the strap is determined by the gap between the two stanchions or shoulders into which the strap nestles.  Use a ruler to measure this gap – but beware that the differences between the sizes is only 2mm and this is where the care is required.

Other models have specially designed straps which will fit only them, these are listed as well but under the model name.  We have given a description of these watches to try to avoid confusion.

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