Swiss railway straps

Basel station, home of the Mondaine Swiss Railway clocks.
Basel station, home of the Mondaine Swiss Railway clocks.

A Mondaine Swiss Railway watch deserves to be shown at it’s best, and we have the best straps to do just that.

We want to help you choose the Mondaine Swiss Railway watch strap that’s right for you. We also understand that you may not have the correct model number to hand and may need some help in purchasing the correct one for your watch.

On the rear of the watch is a five digit numeric number.

Key this number, or other information such as the strap width, or colour, into the bran tub of goodies and see what happens.

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It is not exhaustive, but it covers the majority of straps.  If this is not successful, let’s identify the strap visually.

Let’s start with the basics.
Does your current Mondaine Swiss Railway watch strap have stitching? If it does: is that stitching black or white? We then need to know what size it is. To find out, simply measure the gap between the lugs attaching it to your watch. You can also look on the reverse of the “tail” of your current strap. There should be a number there, for example, “12” which (unsurprisingly) means a 12mm strap.

If you need more help, click here

We have plenty of Mondaine Swiss Railway watch straps to choose from. Click on any image below to find out if your chosen strap is available in the size you need.   Happy shopping…

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