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How do I fit my replacement watch strap

How so I use a springbar removal tool

How long should a watch strap last?

Mondaine estimate that a strap should last about six months (on average).  The leather straps are a natural product and as such are subjected to some harsh conditions, even on the most delicate of wrists.  Substances that can damage or affect a strap are soaps, perfumes, swimming pool and sea water, and (we don’t like to mention this, but) sweat.  Some occupations or hobbies can then add more liquids or atmospheres might be dangerous to the average strap, particularly on holiday in high moisture climates for example.  We cannot estimate a strap duration, but in our experience our returning customers do this in about 12 month cycles.

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How long should my watch battery last?

A battery life varies usually from two to three years depending on the type of the watch, its dimensions and the amount of energy required by the different functions. For instance, a chronograph will have a higher energy consumption than a watch indicating the hours and minutes only. Some Mondaine watches feature a power preserve indicator: Once the second hands start moving in 4-seconds intervals, it is time to have a battery replaced by a Mondaine qualified watchmaker.
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Where can I get my Mondaine serviced?

Mondaine watches are hard wearing and made to a high standard, but even so, occasionally the watch will need a service to maintain it.  The Mondaine service centre offers a range of services to keep you on time.

They offer a partial maintenance from a bracelet sizing service, or more complicated work including:

  •     Rating/regulating check
  •     replace crown, gaskets and a new battery where needed
  •     water resistance control
  •     Case and bracelet cleaning
  •     Final bench testing

There is also a complete maintenance service:

  •     Movement dissembling, cleaning, reassembling, oiling, regulating and functions checked
  •     Replace crown, gaskets and battery where necessary.
  •     Repair or replacement of worn movement parts
  •     Water resistance control and case and bracelet cleaning and bench testing.

Another optional service restores your watch to near perfect condition, with cleaning, polishing and scratch removal.  This is not a guaranteed restoration as obviously it depends on the depth of scratches etc.  But talk to them and get advice.

The address is:

Mondaine Service Centre,
Locker Hull and Thornton Ltd
10 High View Close
Vantage Business Park

01664-420003 or mondaine@lockerhullthornton.com

Go to site.

A word of sensible advice – do use a “signed for” delivery service (Royal mail is perfect) and attach a tag with your details on it.  Do feel free to ask for an estimate. Allow a couple of weeks for diagnosis and estimate, and another couple or so from go ahead for the work to be completed.
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How do I adjust a mesh strap?

Adjusting a Mondaine mesh steel strap is easy but there are a couple of pitfalls of which you should be aware.

Step 1. On the reverse of the strap, you should see a succession of ridges. You will also notice a corresponding ridge on the clasp. Sounds obvious, but once you have decided where the clasp should reside on the strap, you need to align these two ridges.
Step 2. Get a piece of string or ribbon and wrap it around your wrist. Snip the string so that one end meets the other and measure this circumference.
Step 3. On the other end of the strap, you will see the hook which goes over the clasp – you will see the next picture. From this hook, the measured distance will be where the end of the string lies.
Step 4. This is the tricky bit! Insert a small screwdriver into the hole on the main clasp part, from the right-hand side and bend it down towards the strap thus opening the clasp. Do not insert a tool from the left side, under the clasp and use the bar as a fulcrum; you will bend this rod and the watch strap will not hook over it. Move the clasp to the desired position and gently locate the ridge nearest the position. Once located, press down on the open clasp until it clicks into place – voila!

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