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Mondaine Leather Strap with White Stiching

Mondaine Leather Strap With White Stitching


With this black strap you have a choice of sizes – 16mm and 22mm with an extra long option. This refers to the width of the gap between the two stanchions which house the strap. If you are unsure, the size is stamped on the inside of the watch strap.

The total length of the XL strap is 92mm from the securing point to the buckle pin position, plus 103mm from the securing point to the last hole; total 195mm.  Please note that the XL version has a reinforcing strip down the length of the strap and it has a tapered tail:  See image:


White stitching 22mm XL version showing the reinforcing and tapered tail.

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Authentic Mondaine Swiss Railway Watch Strap with Mondaine stamped on the inside of the leather strap, and embossed on the buckle.  If you are confused over selecting your watch strap, click on Watch Straps on the navigation bar above.

Weight 50 g

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Brilliant service, loving the white stitching on my new replacement strap. Thank you Woodruffs!